Saturday, May 26, 2007

A teary farewell

It's been very remiss of me not to post much on here these last couple of weeks. And now it's all over for the summer. We went out with the students last night and had a laugh as we walked around Moscow not finding somewhere to go. I was tired because Tim had me assessing work on my day off yesterday, but it was still great fun. There were a few tears from Sacha who is off to England for her third year and who said that this has been the best year of her life. Aaaah. They are a terrific bunch of students and if they are reading this. Do some more work!

From left to right: Tutu, Tim, Lilya, Elena, Sacha, Elena, Genia (jackie), Moi, Olga, Genia (in the red shorts), Yulia. You may have noticed the lack of male students at this point. That's because all the boys are in the army.

Here is also a photo of me dribbling water and about to pull off an amazing set of skateboard tricks such as the world has never witnessed in the corridor of the school.

Photo: Reuters

And now I must bid you adieu, for I fly back to england on the day after the morrow, but this blog shall continue in a different guise, packed to the gills with ace things and toast. Love you, bye.

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