Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Chimes of Big Ben

Second day in Moscow: First I wandered around in a bit of a daze, looking at all the strange signs, dust flying about and went to the 'British School of Higher Art and Design' where I'll be working, via Metro. Loads of people, cramming on to ancient looking trains, completely inscrutable signs. Got to crack the alphabet.

All the girls are really skinny here, they make English girls look rather porky. Note that there aren't fried chicken shops on every corner. Some are even pretty, although this is rare. All dress 'distinctively' in the oddest combinations. Terrible fake Versace, gold bits and all. Bad jeans, eighties suits. Saw one Russian guy check out a couple of girls and walk straight into a billboard like on YBF.

College is really nice and modern, met my colleagues, some can speak english, some can't. Feels good there, very creative and comfortable. I reckon I'll enjoy it. Worked with a couple of students, including Tutu (Ekaterina Tyutyunnik) who I met in England. Her typography sketchbook was awesome. She'd also illustrated a childrens book. Tim said that she basically lives at the studio and she at one point did an experiment where she stayed at the studio for three weeks, not sleeping. She's not crazy then...

Made some alphabet flash cards. I'm getting there now. I'll give you an example of the craziness of the alpabet. 'Pectopah' is 'restaurant'. P is R, H is N, C is S and E is YE. So you get Ryestoran. That's basically what they do with words. Approximate them with Russian letters. When you find a word that you recognise its a nice little moment.

Went out and had Moroccan for dinner. There was a belly dancer. Russians are unbelievably dreadful dancers.

Touristy things tomorrow:

stay classy England.

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