Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rootin Tootin Putin

The weather has got nicer recently, although can still be bitter. A few days ago it was like this, though:

Its Tim's birthday today, so shame on all of you for not wishing him a happy one. We went out for dinner at this nice place with a weird honky-tonk band on and a 90 year old tap-dancer. I've had a bit of Uzbek cuisine too recently, which is entirely the same as Russian. Natasha, who is the boss, Sacha's girlfriend invited us to jump out of a plane tomorrow for Tim's birthday. We politely declined. Her friend Vera flies a plane and we assumed they'd be jumping out of that. But after some complicated conversation we discovered that she is only allowed to fly in a circle and the invitation was to jump out of a helicopter. She doesn't speak much english so it took a while to get there.

I am certainly not going to jump out of a plane in Russia. The technology cannot be trusted.

More soon...

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