Monday, April 9, 2007

Many Happy Returns

Happy Easter to you people out there in non-Moscow

Went to a Jazz Club the other night to see Billy Cobham. He's some kind of big fish in the land of Jazz apparently. A jazz drummer, he played with a band of Russians who Tim said were crap, although I couldn't tell, as it was jazz, which is of course, all crap. Highlight of the evening was when we passed Billy as he was coming off stage and Tim said; "Nice one Billy!". I'm not sure this was jazz etiquete, but Billy was fine with it. I'd have given him an icey death stare. Each to his own.

Its been snowing here and is freezing, but on the whole its an enjoyable adventure. The students are frustratingly unmotivated but a joy in comparison to working with school age students. Getting used to the signs and the weird customs, the terrible service and crazy roads. And after a good 20 minute search in the supermarket managed to find some basil and oregano.

Been waiting for money which has finally arrived so buying a camera tomorrow, so photos will be appearing soon for the less imaginative of you...

Puka! (with the stress on the last syllable.)

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austinmatthews said...

i am currently in basingstoke. come visit anytime!