Monday, April 2, 2007

Free for All

Got a pizza from pizza hut after work today. They didn't have a box big enough so they put it in 5 seperate small boxes. Also: It was the wrong pizza.

There are some people with really bad acne here, Tim thinks its a virulent form of leprosy but I know better. You don't see acne like that any more in England. There was one policeman with it. He looked silly, particularly with his giant green hat.

There don't seem to be any rules for drivers here. They're all mad. And there's no parking fees. It's total anarchy. It actually makes me think that labour have got it right over-regulating drivers. Without rules where would we be? Fucking Moscow, that's where.

I know you lot are incredibly busy but I'd like some comments please so that I know you're reading this. Come on people. This is for your benefit! Pictures will be on here soon. That should make you come back for more.

Be seeing you.


Hilde said...

Pizza Hut?!! What about the moscow belly slimming diet you've been going on about...

Not to worry I love your fluffy potbelly!

Your Sjopolse

Jim said...

i am very jealous but am very much enjoing this stupid blog