Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A clarification

Tim is a little unhappy with the previous post. He's asked me to make things clear. He washed his jumpers on 60 degrees INTENTIONALLY because he wanted to shrink them. Only it went wrong. He also would like me to point out that he is (in his own words) 'A domestic goddess'. He's gone wrong, if you ask me.

Also I forgot to put a picture on before. Its a good representation of Russian technology coupled with taste. It sums Russia up quite nicely.

Actually, this one that Tim took is probably even better.


Arina said...
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Arina said...

You comment to the first photo made me argue with you.
Nothing can sum Russia up. It is the country of contrast. Such Russian artists as Kuindzi, Grobar, Aivazovski, Vrubel felt art as nobody in the wold can; there were Russian (Saharov, Mendeleev) who made a breakthrough in science. On the same time there is a lot of stupidity in this country. Russian cars and clothes look clumsy.
Russia combines stupidity, poverty and beauty. It is double-sided.